EHHS Media Center

EHHS Media Center Mission Statement

To support the needs of the students and staff of EHHS with a collection that is unbiased, aligned with the curriculum, and supports state standards.

To maintain a collection with resources in a variety of formats that are relevant, up to date, and user friendly.

To encourage students to become independent users of information and to help students gain a love of reading in order to promote literacy.

To provide a media center program that empowers students to become life-long learners and responsible citizens.

The library is a pleasant place to access resources, research, study, and relax. Because the library must accommodate all students and staff, we must maintain an atmosphere where behavior is governed by thoughtfulness and a cooperative attitude. It is important that you do not inconvenience, offend, or limit the rights of other patrons who want to access print and online materials, study and enjoy the facility.

Please be courteous and respectful of other library users, staff, equipment, and materials. Feel free to ask a librarian or library worker for assistance.   Feel free to browse the bookshelves, use a computer, or read a magazine or newspaper.

Disrespectful or disruptive student behavior may result in a suspension of library privileges for one week or more.  A second infraction will result in a level 1 Demerit.

During school hours a pass must be presented for stamping upon entering and leaving the library unless the student is accompanied by a teacher.

Food and drinks should be consumed outside the library.

Books may be borrowed for a period of two weeks and renewed for an additional two weeks unless they are needed for an assignment in the library.

Students will be responsible for all borrowed materials including payment for lost or damaged books. A fine of ten cents per school day will be charged for overdue books.

Teachers and students are encouraged to recommend titles for purchase of materials.

Teachers may schedule time in the Library or a computer lab by calling, emailing or visiting the Librarian. All time in the Library or computer labs is scheduled first come first serve. Check the corresponding calendars to see availability. Calendars are updated daily. If you have any questions please call Ms. Dressler in room 287.

Students may use the computers before/after school as well as during classes with a pass from the teacher provided that space is available.

Students are expected to follow the Acceptable Use Policy that was signed at the beginning of the year.

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