Hello teachers,

We’ve been having some issues with chromebooks being connected to incorrect wireless SSID’s and getting confused about where to connect. As a result, we have typed up this guide that you can use to troubleshoot a chromebook that is having difficulty connecting to the wireless.
1.) Please make sure the chromebook is turned on and you are on the home screen as shown. If you are not able to connect, please connect to your schools’ respective SSID (for example, Centerville Intermediate would connect to CIS, East Hickman Elementary would connect to EHES, etc.) or HCSS_Admins. If you try both of those and they both ask for a wireless code, then put in a work order for the chromebook.
Displaying Screenshot 2017-03-03 at 2.51.57 PM.png
2. Click on ‘settings’
3. Click the down arrow next to Wi-Fi network, as shown.
4. After clicking the arrow, click the preferred networks option.
Displaying Screenshot 2017-03-03 at 2.52.14 PM.png
5. After clicking that, you should see a list of wireless networks, hopefully only with one.
6. If you see more than one, delete all of them by hovering over the one you want to delete and clicking the ‘x’ to the right. However, if you see your school SSID and HCSS_Admins, then double check which wireless you are currently connected to, and delete all of them except for that one.
Displaying Screenshot 2017-03-03 at 2.52.31 PM.png
Thank you for all of your help and we hope this fixes a large majority of the connection issues we’ve been seeing. We will also add this to our Technology department page on our website.