• Teacher Assurance Page Print this sheet. It must accompany any documentation submitted for Highly Qualified status.

The Professional Matrix Option

There are several forms that must be completed If you wish to use the HOUSSE OPTION Professional Matrix (accumulate 100 points) to become Highly Qualified. Documentation of all points requested must accompany the Matrix forms. The packet of information should be submitted to the Office of Teaching and Learning. For more information print the Tennessee Plan for Implementing the Teacher and Paraprofessional Quality Provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001

Professional Matrix –Click to Print

The Praxis Test Option

If you plan to use Praxis scores to become Highly Qualified, you will need to complete the ‚ÄúTeacher Assurance Page” and attach verification of your Praxis scores. If you took a test in the past ten years, your name and test may be listed on the Teacher Certification website https://www.k-12.state.tn.us/tcertinf/Search.asp .Remember the Praxis score for a particular test must be listed as a requirement for the grade or core academic subject you are teaching ( Appendix A.) For example, EDUCATION IN THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (0010) would not count toward becoming Highly Qualified if you are now teaching in grades 7-12.Appendix A of the Tennessee plan has a list of the tests by subject area that will satisfy the Highly Qualified requirements. Appendix A (part 2) lists the NTE test and your required score for becoming Highly Qualified.

If you took the NTE over 10 years ago and have lost verification of the score, you will need to look at other methods of becoming Highly Qualified. The company does not have records past 10 years ago, and the Central Office does not have copies of your test scores.

Vocational/Business Substitute Credit Courses

If you are a vocational or business teacher who teaches an elective or a course that is substituted for a core academic course, you must also meet the Highly Qualified criteria. See Appendix D for the list.