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Welcome to Hickman County Middle School

Our 2015-2016 school year was a great success!  We are proud of our faculty, staff, and students who worked very hard to ensure it was a wonderful year.

We know that the 2016-2017 school year will be another great success here at HCMS.  We welcome our new 6th graders to the building, as well as new students who have recently moved into Hickman County.  We wish last year’s 8th graders the best of luck as they begin their high school journey at HCHS.

If we can ever be of assistance or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Tina S. Thigpen, Principal

Bill Cude, Asst. Principal

Our Mission

Hickman County Middle School is committed to a student-oriented educational program with emphasis on student achievement, good citizenship, and attendance.

Student of the Month

Autumn Powers (6th Grade)

Student of the Week

Week #1


Meredith Kelley (6th Grade), Cassie Pond (7th Grade), and Alexis Harness (8th Grade).

Week #2


Kendall Hutchinson (6th Grade), Calab Campbell (7th Grade), Bradley Cochran (8th Grade).

Week #3


Carly McKennon (7th Grade), Jacob Thorpe (6th Grade), & Nathan Davis (8th Grade).

Week #4

Madison Maze (6th Grade), John Anderson (7th Grade), & Aliyiah Sterling (8th Grade).

Week #5


Josie Loveless (6th Grade), Dinisha Voelz (7th Grade), and Shelby Garton (8th Grade).

Week #6


Kaitlyn Wallace (8th Grade), Camille Dansby (6th Grade), and James Malugin (7th Grade).

What’s Happening?

May 1st: 5th Grade Visists

May 2: 7th Grade Field Day

May 3rd: 8th Grade Field Day

May 4th: 6th Grade Field Day

May 5th: AR LaserQuest Trip

May 11th: 8th Grade Ceremony

May 12th: 6th and 7th Grade Awards Day

May 12: 8th Grade Trip to Beech Bend Park

The DAWG Blog

 Meet Coach Thompson     

By Carlin Cochran and Aaliyah Myles


   Coach Thompson is the newest coach and teacher addition to HCMS. He is currently teaching a reading/language arts  RTI class and coaching football, but football isn’t the only sport he’s been involved with. He’s been teaching and coaching for 7 years. In those 7 years, he’s coached varsity football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, track and softball. This guy has really done it all. When asked how long he played football, he said that he played all through high school, and even in college at North Western Oklahoma State University. When asked what inspired him to become a teacher and a coach, he said that his history teachers, back in Orange County, California, also coached sports. And of all things, Sesame Street inspired him as well! Everyone is very happy to have such a talented guy join our family at HCMS.



Weekly Updates

By Arrianne Arcega, Leah Brewer, Chenya O’Hara and Patience Tedder


It’s the middle of August, and in the blink of an eye the fourth week of school is already here. In these weeks, tons of stuff has already happened, and the weeks to come are going to be just as jam packed. Of course, since it’s the beginning of the school year everything is new and exciting, from a fresh set of teachers to a whole new school, if you’re a sixth grader. There’s a whirlwind of things going on, and it can get a bit confusing. To help you keep track with the hectic life of a student, HCMS’ new blog brings to you, Weekly Updates.

This week’s updates will range from sports games to student council elections, all of the important things buzzing around the halls of Hickman County Middle School.

First off, against Fairview our Volley Dawgs lost, and against Lewis county they scored a win. This past week, their  JV and Varsity has won against East Hickman.

This year Mrs Thigpen has decided to have an HCMS dance team.  Auditions will be Tuesday, August 30th. The Co – sponsors will be Ms.  Jennifer Hamm and Mrs. Terry Webster. If you want to sign up there will be the sign up sheets in the library. For the auditions, you must pick your own music and choreograph your own dance routine. It has to be at least a minute long and can’t pass 3 minutes long. Good luck for those who are auditioning!

Last week, students from the eighth grade had a chance to run for the Student Council President, Vice President, and Secretary. Out of many students, only three students had been voted for the positions. The student council president is Jack Thigpen, Vice President is Connor McCallister, and for Secretary is Harper Shelton.

The Girl’s soccer team won their game against Nashville Christian, a private school near the Bellevue area. The game was on Thursday and the score was 1-0. This was their first win and the Lady Dawgs played exceptionally well that night.

This  week, Coach Roder and Mrs. Wolcott are hosting this year’s Party On the Lawn. It will only be $5 dollars to stay after school, and students will be able to play games on the lawn or stay inside the gym. The concession stands will be open. Right after, our football team will be playing against our school rivals East Hickman, so students will walk over to the high school  and watch them play.

A pep rally is coming up on Thursday,  so be ready to have some school spirit. Don’t forget that sixth grade wears white, seventh wears black, and eighth wears red. This pep rally is for the football team and their game against our rivals, the East Hickman Eagles. Remember that everyone is invited to join the pep club for free. This means that any HCMS student can attend any home sports event for free!

This year, drama club is open once again. You can pick up an application to join up at the front office. Get yours soon, as they are due on the ninth of September.

As you can see, this school year is already full of things to think about and to add to your calendar. So, make sure to keep up to date with the Weekly Updates.


Student Council Elected

By Sidney Hudgins, Case Martin, Chris Lambert, Kaitlyn Walllace

HCMS held an election for student council offices. The students that were elected are as follows: Secretary, Harper Shelton, Vice President, Connor McAlister, and President, Jack Thigpen.  These students will work with Miss Harvey, the new guidance counselor at HCMS, on homecoming, field day, and other school activities.

Harper Shelton, an 8th grader at HCMS, was elected as secretary for the student council. She said, “ I was surprised and also happy.” After she was asked “How did you win?. She said that she was just determined. Her goals are to make everyone feel comfortable at school, and just make this school year great.

Connor McAlister is the Vice President at HCMS. His goals for HCMS are to improve the quality of the school, and to eliminate all negativity. “I think I won because I bribed the  kids with candy,” joked McAlister.

Jack Thigpen is the new president at Hickman County Middle School. He was very happy when he found out he was HCMS new President. His goals are to bring back smiley fries and to make the school better overall!

Student Council Representatives

Harper Shelton (Secretary), Jack Thigpen (President), & Connor McAlister (Vice-President).



Did you know that the food you buy can help our school?  Clip and submit General Mills Box Tops and Campbell Soup labels to help earn our school money!

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