Hickman County Middle School

Be Responsible! Be Respectful! Be Ready!

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Welcome to Hickman County Middle School

HCMS is happy to welcome our new 6th graders to the building and we are proud to see our 7th and 8th graders moving into new roles and responsibilities.  We look forward to a year full of learning, engaging activities, and fun-filled rewards for our students.    

Tina S. Thigpen, Principal                    Phone: (931)729-4234

Bill Cude, Asst. Principal                       Fax: (931)729-5688

Our Mission

Hickman County Middle School is committed to a student-oriented educational program with emphasis on student achievement, good citizenship, and attendance.

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Student of the Week


Chase Bonesteel (6th Grade), Hayden Harrison (7th Grade), and Mike Hughes (8th Grade).


Haley Waynick (6th Grade), Raina Himes (7th Grade), and Cassie Pond (8th Grade).


Conner Liddell (6th Grade), Cadence Fox (7th Grade), and Stacey McMeen (8th Grade).


Anya Banks (6th Grade), Kara Salvato (7th Grade), and Elijah Tidwell (8th Grade).


Eli Bowers (6th Grade), Carleigh Liddell (7th Grade), and Lille McCoy (8th Grade).


Tria Lepine (6th Grade), Josie Loveless (7th Grade), and Carly McKennon (8th Grade).


Jesse Stacks (8th Grade), Weston LaRue (7th Grade), and Daniel Watts (6th Grade).

What’s Happening?

December 15th: AR Laser Quest Trip

December 19th: 1/2 day 8:00 – 10:00

December 19th – January 3rd: No school for students

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