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The 2015-2016 school year is off to a great start!  HCMS is happy to welcome our new 6th graders to the building and we are proud to see our 7th and 8th graders moving into new roles and responsibilities.  We look forward to a year full of learning, engaging activities, and fun-filled rewards for our students.    

If we can ever be of assistance or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Tina S. Thigpen, Principal

Bill Cude, Asst. Principal

Our Mission

Hickman County Middle School is committed to a student-oriented educational program with emphasis on student achievement, good citizenship, and attendance.

Weekly DAWG Bone Award Winners

Week #4 Winners



Kayla Dunford (8), Serena Pierce (7), Abby Howell (6)

Previous Winners


Sidney Hudgins (7), Hannah Arcega (8), Dylan Lemaster (6).


Ava Larue (8), Nick Jenkins (7), Holly Bates (6)


Samantha Caudill (8), Emma Willis (7), Lake Bates (6)

What’s New?

This week has been an exciting week at HCMS!  On Monday students voted in our new Student Council Representatives; congratulations to our new President (Ava Larue), our new Vice President, and our new Secretary (Lacey Carter)!

Also happening this week, HCMS saw the first edition of The Paws Chornicle, a school newsletter written entirely by students, with the guidance of Mrs. Leah Owens.  The first edition was free to all students.  The Paws Chronicle will release a new issue every three weeks and the cost will be 25¢.


6th Grade News:  Students in Mrs. Orton and Mrs. DeVault’s Reading/English classes were happy to take an AR test over Hatchet, the novel they read in class.  6th graders are working hard to build up AR points so they can make purchases from the AR Book Store!  Every book they read and test over earns them points that they can spend!  (Also available to 7th & 8th graders.)  Mr. Mayberry has kept his students interested in Units, Ratios, and Percents this week by tying his lesson in with a famous baseball player, “The Big Unit”.  Students in Mrs. Cost’s Science class had a blast creating Food Chain Webs online and one student even made a poster that he shared with the class…Great job, Tyler Weaver!

6th Graders began typing this week….they started with the Home Row Keys “J” and “K”.  Students found typing one letter easy enough, but when they got mixed up together…WHEW!  Mrs. Hamm said she was so impressed because they all worked so hard to use the correct fingers and keys and had amazing posture while they worked!  Keep up the hard work 6th Grade!


7th Grade News:  Mrs. Hansford and Mr. McCole keep students engaged in Reading/English class by using interactive lessons through Google Classrooms.  This week students worked on an interactive “form” that tested their knowledge of Commonly Misused Word, such as there, their, and they’re.  The cool science experiments continued in Mr. Gilbert’s Science class…..


This picture shows a density experiment.  Mr. Gilbert says, “….golf balls are more dense than water, so they immediately sink.  In order to make them float, you have to increase the density of the water.”  So how did the students increase the density of the water?  By adding salt!  The more salt you add, the more dense the water becomes, thus making the golf balls float!  Pretty cool!


8th Grade News:  Mrs. Gasparro and Mrs. Thompson are keeping their students writing…this week they are researching “10 Strange Animals” in preparation for writing an essay over their favorite strange animal.  (Curious?  Google it!  There are some animals I bet you didn’t know existed!)

8th grade students are also working hard in Math class.  This week’s topic?  Square Roots.  Sound hard?  Not once Mrs. Carter gets through explaining it!  In Science Mr. Horner got his students ready for their Scientific Method quiz by playing “FlipQuiz”, a classroom review game very much like Jeopardy…obviously, the students loved it!

In History this week students had to research one of the 13 original colonies and then create an “advertisement” for their colony.  The purpose of this activity was to help students learn about the different aspects of each colony (government, economical, etc.) and the goal was to make their colony appeal to prospective settlers.  Check out the advertisement below and see if you might want to live in North Carolina….










Social Studies

Look here for future editions of The Paws Chronicle!

The Paws Chronicle 



Did you know that the food you buy can help our school?  Clip and submit General Mills Box Tops and Campbell Soup labels to help earn our school money!

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