picture of the HCHS Library
picture of the HCHS Library

Welcome to the HCHS Library!

Tabby Plunkett, Library Media Specialist

The Hickman County High School Library Media Center is committed to providing access to materials and resources that support and enhance the curriculum of the school, and to promoting student achievement by encouraging students and faculty to become life-long learners and users of information and technology.

Library Access

The HCHS Media Center operates on a flexible schedule.  This means that students and teachers may access the library anytime during the school day at the “point of need.” Flexible scheduling also allows for mutual planning between the Library Media Specialist and classroom teachers so that the media center can be reserved for classes to integrate research, information literacy skills and computer instruction into the classroom curriculum. Individual students may use the library for research, reading for pleasure or to meet and work with other students on projects and assignments.

The Media Center is open daily from 7:30am – 8:00am for student use without a teacher pass.  Students may obtain a pass from classroom/Focus teachers and come to the library as needed throughout the day.

Scheduling Classes

Teachers are encouraged to use the library media center to support instruction in the classroom.  The library media specialist is available to collaborate on and assist with assignments, research, projects, etc.  The library media specialist may also be able to suggest various resources and strategies for achieving your instructional goals.  The 36 library laptops can be scheduled as well as one mobile cart of 24 laptops.

Teachers who wish to bring their classes to the library should sign up in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts and to allow the library media specialist to prepare resources and materials as needed.  Language Arts teachers are given first preference (for selection of days/class period) at the beginning of each grading period.  Then all at other teachers wishing to schedule dates/class periods should check the calendar at the circulation desk for available dates/class periods.  They should then have the library media specialist to sign them up for the desired time(s) they wish to use the library. The classroom teacher will be responsible for monitoring and leading the class while using the library.  It would also be helpful for the library media specialist to know what the class assignment will be in order to pull any necessary books, websites, equipment, etc.

Computer Use

The library media center has 36 permanent laptop computers that are available to students and faculty.  The Media Center also schedules the use of one mobile laptop cart which houses 24 laptop computers.  All laptops connect via Wi-Fi to the school network.

In order for students to access these computers they must have their parents to sign and return the “Hickman County Schools Application for Account and Terms and Conditions for Use of the Internet 2014-2015”.  Students must also sign this form and abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement or they will be subject to cancellation of this privilege.

HCHS students may also participate in the “Bring Your Own Device” program.  As per board policy accepted devices include: laptops, tablets and ipods.

Printing Policy

Students may print to the Ricoh copier/printer from the library laptops.  Printing is free of charge as long as it is for a school paper or project.  Students should ask for assistance and always be certain that they are conserving paper when printing.

At this time students using their own devices are unable to print.

Circulation Policy

Students are allowed to checkout a maximum of five books at a time.  The due date for materials will be ten school days from the date checked out and will be stamped in the book.  Books can be renewed an unlimited number of times.

Fines for overdue books will accrue at the rate of $.10 per day for everyday overdue. There will be no charge for days that a student is absent or if schools are closed.  If students have an outstanding fine, they will not be allowed to checkout additional books until the fine has been paid.  At the end of the school year, all books must be returned and fines paid before students are allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies (Seniors) or pick up their report cards (underclassmen).  Students will be required to pay replacement costs and processing fees for any lost or damaged book.