Graduation Info

Graduation Practice

Textbooks, library books, and other school property must be returned when exams are given. All debts and fines MUST BE CLEARED before you can be seated for graduation practice. Please clear everything by Wednesday, May 10th. If anything is outstanding you will not be able to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Enter the building through the Grand Hall and report to the auditorium. Students are not to be in the hallways, classrooms, etc.

Please listen carefully and follow directions during practice.

When practice is over students should leave the building. Students are not to be in the hallways, classrooms, etc.


Report cards will be given at practice.

You must have a final transcript sent to colleges and technical schools after you graduate. In order to have this transcript sent, we will have final transcript request forms at graduation practice. There will be a box at practice for final transcript requests.

Graduation Dress Code

Graduation gowns are very warm. Please dress appropriately.

GIRLS: Please wear a dress that is not longer than the gown and black shoes. Gowns have a white collar that should be attached with safety pins before you come to graduation.

BOYS: Please wear a collared short sleeve dress shirt and tie, full length dress trousers, and black dress shoes.

No t-shirts or flip flops are allowed at graduation. This is at the request of the Hickman County Board of Education.

Hair color must be a natural color.

All piercings except in the ears must be removed. This includes, but is not limited to the following: tongue, lip, nose, and eyebrow piercings.

Please do not chew gum or smoke while in your gown.

All gowns should be removed from the packaging and hung up prior to graduation. Please see the instructions in the package about removing wrinkles.

Caps should be worn with the short point in the center of the forehead so that the top is flat.

Tassels are to be worn over the left eye until the tassel turning ceremony during graduation.


For a graduation order, a deposit of 50% of total amount due is required. Orders may also be made online at If you have any questions, please contact Balfour online, call Balfour at 615-867-6345, or call the school at 931-670-1366.

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