The 2015-2016 Extended Learning Activities will begin in October.  All activities must serve the purpose of providing quality extended learning time through carefully designed extended learning programs that place emphasis on remedial support for students.

All records will be completed using Google Sheets.

Once you return the signed Teacher Contract the records will be shared with you through Google Docs.  The tabs at the bottom of each workbook page have been labeled for your identification. To access each sheet click once on the  tab, and the worksheet will appear. Any changes automatically save in Google Docs

1. Hours Worked–This report is formatted to automatically tally your minutes once you enter your information.
2. Months of the Year–Each month has its own worksheet with places for student names as well as the days of the month. If you are keeping Saturday School, enter the date of the Saturday instead of an X to indicate a student’s presence.
3. End of the Contract Sheet–This sheet is a required part of your contract. The records require answers to all colored blocks under the Activity number. Type your name in the pale green block. This is the only place where your name is listed on your records so don’t forget!

The amount of planning time allowable shall not exceed 15% (9 minutes per hour). All planning time must be documented. No planning time is allowed for detention or credit recovery hours.

All Extended Contract educators must have students present in order to count time toward the completion of their Extended Contract time. Student attendance records must be completed for all activities.

Once you have completed your EC Records for 2015-2016 share your Google sheets with Misty Shelton.  You will receive a reply stating that it was received. If your records are incomplete, your records will be returned to you  with details on the missing information. Complete any omitted information, and share the file again. You may pick up your check at the Central Office once you have been notified that your records are complete.

  • All contract work for Activities 1 and 2 must be completed by May 6, 2016, and records must be submitted by May 13, 2016.
  • All contract work for Activity 3 must be completed by June 25, 2016, and records must be submitted by June 30, 2016.

Teachers may submit completed contract records at any time. However, checks will only be available to pick up at the end of the school year.Teachers who complete Activity 3 contracts may pick up their checks once they have received confirmation by email that their records are complete.

Teachers will receive only ONE check. If you work during the school year AND during the summer, you will receive your check at the end of your total work hours.

Extended Contract Records for 2015-2016
Once your Teacher Contract is signed and approved you will receive the Extended Contract records via Google Docs. Once they are shared with you then make a copy and name the document. Once you have completed the work and the records you can share them with Misty Shelton through Google Docs. Please make sure to complete all tabs which include: hours worked, attendance for each month, and end of contract sheet. If you have any questions please contact Misty Shelton at 729-3391 Ext. 2226 or email at