Our Mission at East Hickman Intermediate School is to create a safe and respectful learning environment where students are actively involved in becoming successful life-long learners and challenged to reach their fullest potential.

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year at East Hickman Intermediate School!  We have so many fun and exciting things planned for the upcoming year!
At EHIS, we are committed to helping EVERY student succeed in school. We have worked extremely hard during the summer months to continue to improve instruction and student learning. East Hickman Intermediate School enjoys a fabulous reputation as one whose faculty and staff are focused on caring for and making decisions based on what is best for each student. We are looking forward to another successful year of learning as well as partnering with parents and our community to ensure that all of our students have a enriching and rewarding experience here at EHIS. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your child, please feel free to contact us at any time!
Becky Malugin and Nick Simmons

Attendance Week
Attendance Week is September 11th – 15th.  EHIS is the reigning Attendance Cup Champion!  We want to win the cup for the 2nd year in a row, but we can only do that with the help of our students and parents.  Each day this week, please make sure that you are here on time each and every day.  To encourage perfect attendance, we are incorporating themed dress up days and offering rewards to students who are on time and present each day.  The themes and rewards are as follows:
Monday – Twin Day – Reward:  Super Hero Prize PacK
Tuesday – Mismatched/Inside-Out Clothing – Reward:  30 Minutes Extra Recess
Wednesday – Wear Green and Bling – Reward:  15 LiveSchool Points
Thursday – Rain Boots, Coats, Ponchos, and Rain Hats (No Umbrellas) – Reward:  Popcorn Party
Friday – Eagle Blue – Reward:  Snowcone
Students with 100% attendance for the week will be rewarded with Bounce House Time!

EHIS Carnival
The EHIS Carnival was a great SUCCESS!  Thank you to everyone who came out to join us for some fun, food, and auction bidding!  We are so fortunate to live in a community that supports the school the way the East Hickman community supports EHIS!

Important Upcoming Dates

September 11 – 15:  Attendance Week

September 15:  EHHS Homecoming Parade

September 21:  Last Day to Turn In Eagle Strut Money

October 2:  4th Grade Health Screenings

October 5:  PBIS Reward Trip

October 9 – 13:  Fall Break

October 23:  Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 24 – 27:  Fall Pictures

Faculty and Staff

Becky Malugin (Principal) – becky.malugin@hickmank12.org

Nicholas Simmons (Assistant Prinicpal) – nicholas.simmons@hickmank12.org

Lisa Dotson (Bookkeeper) – lisa.dotson@hickmank12.org

Kristin Bryant (Attendance) – kristin.bryant@hickmank12.org

Chenille Bonin (ELA) – chenille.bonin@hickmank12.org

Cheryl Kiessling (Math) – cheryl.kiessling@hickmank12.org

Peggy McClellan (Math) – peggy.mcclellan@hickmank12.org

Celine Powell (ELA) – celine.powell@hickmank12.org

Kim Smith (ELA) – kimberly.smith@hickmank12.org

Rachel Smith (Math) – rachel.smith@hickmank12.org

Emily Van Hook (Science/S.S.) – emily.vanhook@hickmank12.org

Sarah Booker (ELA) – sarah.booker@hickmank12.org

Eden Creasy (Math) – eden.creasy@hickmank12.org

Deana Graham (Science/S.S.) – deana.graham@hickmank12.org

Michael Hanes (Science/S.S.) – michael.hanes@hickmank12.org

Gay Raines (Math) – gay.raines@hickmank12.org

Tiffany Semore (ELA) – tiffany.semore@hickmank12.org

Tonia Breece (ELA) – tonia.breece@hickmank12.org

Nicki Cole (ELA) –       lora.cole@hickmank12.org

Elizabeth Goad (Math) – elizabeth.goad@hickmank12.org

Jennifer Lange (Science/S.S.) – jennifer.lange@hickmank12.org

Diana Lankford (Science/S.S.) – diana.lankford@hickmank12.org

Freda Rushton (Math) – freda.rushton@hickmank12.org

Sandra Pape (3rd Grade SPED) – sandra.pape@hickmank12.org

Kayla Kruse (4th Grade SPED) – kayla.kruse@hickmank12.org

Judi Culver (5th Grade SPED) – judi.culver@hickmank12.org

Joy Mangrum (ELC) – joy.mangrum@hickmank12.org

Jana Buttrey (Speech) – jana.buttrey@hickmank12.org

Anndrea Eubanks (Title) – anndrea.eubanks@hickmank12.org

Debbie Gross (RTI Math) – debbie.gross@hickmank12.org

Frances Hobbs (RTI Reading) – frances.hobbs@hickmank12.org

Suzanne Lewis (Title) – suzanne.lewis@hickmank12.org

Judy Rist (RTI Reading) – judy.rist@hickmank12.org

Jacquelyn Applegate (Music) – jacquelyn.applegate@hickmank12.org

Michelle Lambert (Guidance) – michelle.lambert@hickmank12.org

Brenda McFarlin (PE) – brenda.mcfarlin@hickmank12.org

Melinda Morton (Library) – melinda.morton@hickmank12.org

Justin Warren (Art) – justin.warren@hickmank12.org

Rhonda Deal (Regular Ed) – rhonda.deal@hickmank12.org

Deborah Lampley (Regular Ed) – deborah.lampley@hickmank12.org

Jill Atchison (3rd Grade Sped) – jill.warren@hickmank12.org

Kari Thomason (4th Grade Sped) – kari.thomason@hickmank12.org

Shelitta Sowell (5th Grade Sped) – shelitta.sowell@hickmank12.org

Brooke Rogers (SPED Assistant) – brooke.rogers@hickmank12.org

Janet Winn (ELC Assistant) – janet.winn@hickmank12.org

East Hickman Intermediate School

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Lyles, TN  37098

Phone:  931-670-0227

Fax:  931-670-4360