Becky Coleman – Director of Information & Services
Hickman County School Board Offices
Room 105
931-729-3391, ext. 2225

Contact for:

  • Family Resource Centers
  • Community Outreach
  • PR
  • Skyward or EIS assistance
  • Requests for TN Driver’s License paperwork
  • READY! for Kindergarten

Anthony Brown – At-Risk Coordinator
2097 Vineyard Field Rd.
Centerville, TN 37033

Contact for:

  • Attendance Issue
  • Truancy Council
  • Alternative School
  • Student Discipline Hearing Authority
  • Power of Attorney
  • Juvenile Court Liaison
  • Student Behavior
  • Home Schooling
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Here is a brief list of Board Policy as it defines excused absences:

  • Personal illness or illness of a family member (Dr. note required to be excused)
  • Death in the family (written confirmation of funeral needed to be excused)
  • Religious observances (written statement from religious official required to be excused)Court appearances (written confirmation from court clerk is needed to be excused)
  • Each school principal may excuse absences when it is deemed to be a special circumstance. Extended periods of absence should be approved by the principal BEFORE they occur. This specifically applies to family trips in, or out of state.*

*For further information about attendance see the online Board Policy manual at:


It is accepted that parents may write notes to excuse their children from school at times. Parents are allowed to write a total of 3 parent notes totaling 5 days (which ever comes first) each semester. Once the parent notes have been completed, remaining absences will be “unexcused” unless proper documentation is presented showing the absence was excused (see EXCUSED ABSENCES).


When a student reaches 3 days of unexcused absences, or a pattern of unexcused tardies/early dismissals is demonstrated, a letter is sent home with the student notifying the parents and asking them to clear the absences.

At 5 unexcused absences, a 5-day letter is sent home detailing the consequences that may be faced if the absences are not cleared. Often it is the case that parents are not aware of the Hickman County policies on attendance and absences*. When unexcused absences have reached 5 days (or if a pattern of unexcused tardies/early dismissals is demonstrated) parents are summoned to Truancy Council. This is to possibly assist in correcting the attendance issues and in some situations to correct improperly recorded student absence records. A plan to correct attendance problems is defined and all parties sign off in agreement.

The Council is made up of high school guidance counselors, community members, teachers, and the At-Risk Coordinator. The Council usually meets on Fridays. Truancy Council meetings are held at:

2097 Vineyard Field Rd., Centerville, TN 37033 (across from Hickman County Middle School)

*For further information about attendance see the online Board Policy manual at:

**For more information about State law on attendance go to:

Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6, which can be found at


The Hickman County System does accept a Power of Attorney (P.o.A.) when the proper conditions are met. Additionally, the At-Risk Coordinator and the school Principal (or representative) should meet with the person seeking caregiver rights before the school will recognize the P.o.A. The forms for the P.o.A. can be found at the TN.GOV website, or by clicking the link below.

POA Form –

POA Revocation –

The statutes regarding a P.o.A. are Tennessee Code Ann. § § 34-6-301 through 34-6-310.

– See more at:


Students being home schooled are to notify the local school system on a yearly basis of the home school being attended. If this is an Independent Home School the proper paperwork is to be submitted yearly. If the home school is being conducted through one of the State approved non-public schools that information should be sent from the non-public school to the local school system. However, it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure their child is registered and accounted for. The following link will take you to the Home Schooling in Tennessee website where most questions can be answered and forms attained.

Parents should be aware that independently home schooled students are required to take State mandated tests in the 5th, 7th, and 9th grade. Information from the Home Schooling in Tennessee website has a list of frequently asked questions that may help in understanding law on home schooling. Below are two (2) of those questions.

QUESTION: Can a parent of a home school student in grades 5, 7, or 9 choose to provide some other form of assessments rather than the TCAP/EOC?
ANSWER: Yes, there is an option outlined below in TCA § 49-6-3050 which would allow for a home school student to take a test other than the TCAP or End of Course Assessments. The law states: (5) (A) Administration by the commissioner of education, or the commissioner’s designee, or by a professional testing service that is approved by the LEA, to home school students of the same state board approved secure standardized tests required of public school students in grades five (5), seven (7) and nine (9); (ii) Tests administered by a professional testing service shall be administered within thirty (30) days of the date of the statewide test. Tests administered by a professional testing service shall be administered at the expense of the parent-teacher; (iii) All test results from either administration by the commissioner or the commissioner’s designee, or by a professional testing service, shall be provided to the parent-teacher, the director of schools and the state board of education; So the test would need to be standardized, administered by a professional testing service within 30 days of the statewide assessments, and the results provided to the LEA for review.

QUESTION: Which End of Course Assessments are required of 9th grade home school students?
ANSWER: If a home school student in grade 9 is taking a course for which there is an end of course test, that student should be required to take that end of course exam. That will mean some 9th grade students, depending on the courses they are taking, will have less tests to take that year than others.

– See more at:


Students in the State of Tennessee by law are required to attend school where they are zoned. Students living outside of Hickman County in some circumstances may attend Hickman County Schools. Those wishing to cross county lines must complete the Out of County form and pay the tuition ($1000 per year per student, prorated daily).  The form may be attained at the local school, or by contacting the At-Risk Coordinator.