Hickman County was created from land forming the southern part of Dickson County. Named for Edwin Hickman, a local surveyor who was killed in an Indian attack, the county was established by the General Assembly in an Act signed by the Governor on December 3, 1807. Centerville, the county seat, was created in 1821 amidst a struggle to move the county seat from Vernon to a more central location.
Hickman County is located in Middle Tennessee, approximately 35 miles west of Nashville, 31 miles west of Columbia, and 42 miles west of Spring Hill. Centerville is 52 miles west of Nashville. The county has an area of approximately 612 square miles.

School System of Hickman County
The school system of Hickman County serves the citizens of Hickman County and operates eight schools: Centerville Elementary School, Centerville Intermediate School, Hickman County Middle School, East Hickman Elementary School, East Hickman Intermediate School, East Hickman County Middle School, Hickman County High School, and East Hickman High School.

In 1918, the county court adopted a resolution which provided for the establishment of a county high school. The current location of Hickman County High School was built in 1974; it is currently one of two secondary schools serving students of Hickman County in grades 9-12.

The present facility contains approximately 204,732 square feet in the main building and 12,052 square feet in an annex building. The main building contains 50 classrooms and the annex has 9 classrooms. Our school has an auditorium that seats 1,120, a gymnasium with 4,500 seats, a football stadium that holds 3,000, a cafeteria that seats 300, and a library that seats 120 with a computer lab of 36 computers. Our school also contains a distance learning lab as well as onsite baseball, softball, tennis, and soccer facilities. The campus contains a large football practice field and a recent enlargement to the Parker D. Elrod Training Room.

School Year
Teacher contracts cover two hundred days. This includes one hundred eighty instructional days, in-service and staff development days, and administrative days. The school day begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m.

Contact School

Address: 1645 Bulldog Blvd, Centerville, TN 37033
School phone: 931-729-2616
School fax: 931-729-2925